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Dr. Samah Alasrawi

Paediatric Cardiologist

Dr. Samah Alasrawi

Paediatric Cardiologist


Dr. Samah Salah Alasrawi is a Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, at Aljalila Hospital/Dubai from 7 years back to date. After graduating from medical school, followed by highest studies in pediatric cardiology for 5 years. Besides having worked in numerous private hospitals in Damascus as a Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Samah also had a private practice with clinical and research interests in congenital heart diseases, pulmonary hypertension, cardiomyopathies, and arrhythmias in children.

Meet The Doctor

Professional Background

Medical School

Damascus University


Higher study in pediatric cardiology, Damascus university, Pediatric’s Hospital, Damascus, Syria


Pediatric cardiology research, California university, USA

Work Experience

Paediatric Cardiologist Damascus University - Children`s Hospital
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist (Private hospitals in Damascus)
Latifa Hospital, Dubai
2015- To Date
Aljalila Children`s Hospital, Dubai

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Arabic

Achievements Career Highlights

  • Dr. Samah has more than 40 published articles in the international medical journals, and one published book about heart failure in cooperation with the University of California /USA
  • Many Researches in pediatric cardiology in cooperation with MBRU (Mohamad Bin Rashid University)
  • Dr. Samah is associated Professor at MBRU (Mohamad Bin Rashid University) and Chairperson of MBRU students committee

Research & Publications

  1. Endocarditis Prophylaxis, Children, Medscape

  2. Brief Review of Management of Fetal Tachycardia in Pregnancy

  3. The association between Congenital Heart Disease and Preeclampsia

  4. The role of the dentist in the prevention of endocarditis

  5. Brief View of Chest Pain in Children

  6. The Importance of Oral Health Care In Children with Heart Disease

  7. Don't panic if your child has chest pain, seek a specialist instead , Khaleej Times , 26/02/2020

  8. Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack Management

  9. Cardiac Emergencies in neonates

  10. Good Prognosis of ALCAPA (Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary

  11. Dealing with patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) spasm in the cath lab

  12. Chronic Upper Airway Obstruction as a Main Cause of Pulmonary Hypertension

  13. Subclavian Artery Stenosis as a Hint of Takayasu Disease Diagnosis

  14. Infantile Kawasaki with Coronary Arteries Aneurysm

  15. Brief view of calculation and measurement of cardiac hemodynamics

  16. Cardiology Approach to Kawasaki Disease

  17. The Life-Threatening Case of Rhabdomyolysis Caused by A LIPIN1 Deficiency

  18. Comparing Study of Viability of Doppler Echocardiography in Measurement the Pulmonary Vascular Resistance PVR to Cardiac Catheterization in Pulmonary Atrial Hypertension Patients in Damascus

  19. The rare presentation of obstructive bowel syndrome

  20. The Association between Thyroid Dysfunction and Heart Diseases

  21. Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) & Pregnancy

  22. The Association between Heart Murmurs and Pre-Existing Heart Diseases amongst Children in the United Arab Emirates between January 2019 and May 2019

  23. Risk Factors Associated with Congenital Heart Disease in Patients Presenting to Aljalila Cardiology Clinic between January 2020- May 2020

  24. Pulmonary Stenosis Balloon Valvuloplasty in Children

  25. Lumasiran, an RNAi Therapeutic for Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1

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