Dr. Entesar AlHammadi

Paediatric Nephrologist

Dr. Entesar AlHammadi

Paediatric Nephrologist


Dr Entesar has over 22 years of experience both in local and international medical institutions. Started her career back in 2000 at al Qasmi Hospital as an intern, she went on to establish herself as an ambitious self-motivated pediatric resident at the hospital till 2005. Driven by her insatiable thirst for knowledge and career development within the pediatric realm, Dr Entesar traveled to Halifax, Canada, to continue her successful residency endeavor. Soon enough, Halifax’s renowned Dalhousie University made her its chief pediatric resident between 2007 – 2008, followed by a Pediatrics Nephrology fellowship in Hospital for sick Children, Toronto Canada ,July2008-Sept2010, and was named chief fellow of Pediatrics nephrology fellows in 2009 -2010. Dr Entesar Is the founder of Pediatrics nephrology club which is under Emirates medical association of Nephrology ,Dr Entesar academic history is equally impressive. She holds A Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Jordan University of Science and Technology, She also achieved the American board of pediatricians, Canadian board Pediatrics and Canadian board of Pediatrics Nephrology and Masters in health care management from Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland, Currently she was program director of Arab board residency program in DHA for the period 2013-2021 and she is now the director of academic affair and deputy medical director at AlJalila and the chairperson of standing committee of child protection committee in Dubai, chairperson of Pediatrics Service Line DHA , Chairperson of University Student and Resident Research CommitteeAND adjunct assistant professor at Dubai Woman college and MBRU.

Professional Background

Medical School

2018 - 2018
Change Acceleration Process(CAP) GE Healthcare, Dubai
2018 - 2018
Performance Improvement Training GE Healthcare, Dubai
2014 - 2016
Master of Science in Healthcare Management : Health Care Management, Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland, Ireland /Dubai Campus
2014 - 2015
No Degree: Clinical Research Training Program Harvard Medical School, USA, Dubai Campus
2009 - 2016
Board of Pediatrics : Pediatrics, The American Board of Pediatrics , USA
2008 - 2010
Canadian Board of Pediatrics Nephrology : Pediatrics Nephrology, Royal College of Physicians And Surgeon of Canada
2005 - 2008
Canadian Board of Pediatrics : General Pediatrics, Royal College of Physicians And Surgeons of Canada, Canada
1994 - 2000
Jordan University of Sciences and Technology

Work Experience

2023 - To Date
President of the Emirates Pediatrics & Neonatal Medicine Society -EMA
2022 - To Date
Director of Academic Affairs and Deputy Medical Director (Education and Learning)
2021 - To Date
Consultant Pediatrics Nephrologist, Al Jalila Children's Speciality Hospital, Dubai, UAE
2020 - To Date
Head of Child Protection Unit DHA, Dubai
2019 - To Date
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dubai Medical College, Dubai
2015 - 2016
Medical Director, Al Jalila Children's Hospital , Dubai
2014 - 2015
Head of Pediatrics Nephrology Department DHA, Dubai
2014 - 2015
Head of Pediatrics Department DHA, Dubai
2013 - To Date
Director of Pediatrics Residency Program DHA, Dubai
2012 - To Date
Consultant Pediatrics Nephrologist DHA, Dubai
2010 - 2011
Head of Accident and Emergency Department MOH, Sharjah
2008 - 2010
Chief Fellows of Pediatrics Nephrology Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English

Achievements Career Highlights

  • Attributed to the strategic planning of disease
  • Management and prevention programs
  • Provided leadership and direction related to the role of telemedicine
  • Established relationships with academic institutions for research purposes
  • Identified and evaluated potential business agreements aligned with hospital’s strategic vision
  • Created patient care plans for new services
  • Took part in case management and utilization review activities
  • Interacted with administration and medical personnel
  • Assisting with physician recruitment, interacting with payers and insurance companies, managed care plans, and employers
  • Designed and implemented information systems and clinical documentation software

Research & Publications

  1. Spectrum of steroid-resistant and congenital nephrotic syndrome in children: the PodoNet registry cohort

  2. Risk factors for loss of residual renal function in children treated with chronic peritoneal dialysis

  3. A Multicenter Study Evaluating the Discontinuation of Eculizumab Therapy in Children with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome


  4. Practice of Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome Management amongPediatric Nephrologists in the GCC Countries


  5. Relapsing and refractory peritoneal dialysis peritonitis caused by Corynebacterium amycolatum

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