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*Reports will only be released in English. Please ensure completion of all fields. Submission of an incomplete form will result in delay of issuance of medical records. Reports will only be emailed to the email ID provided at the time of admission. A hard copy can be collected by presenting valid identification documents.

  • Medical reports for all cases (except Mental Health) will be sent within 10 working days upon successful payment.
  • Diagnostic reports (laboratory/pathology/radiology) will be sent within 10 working days based on availability of test results.
  • I hereby authorize Al Jalila Children’s to release the requested protected health information to the registered email ID.
  • I understand that the specified information is confidential and may include but not limited to health history, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, mental health illness or communicable diseases.
  • Al Jalila Children’s is not responsible for unauthorized access of this protected health information while in transmission to the registered email address or re-disclosure of it by the recipient

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