PaedsX Dialogues: A Good Night's Sleep

The Sleep Centre at Al Jalila Children’s offers a one-of-a-kind-service in the Middle East that encompasses a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory and behavioural sleep clinic, a medical sleep clinic, and a CPAP adherence programme. On the occasion of World Sleep Day, Al Jalila Children’s is hosting a two-hour networking session for general physicians and healthcare professionals in the UAE to meet the multidisciplinary team in the Sleep Centre and know more about the services offered.

Sleep problems are extremely common in children. Studies show that 25 per cent of healthy children under the age of 18 experience sleep difficulties, and 80 per cent of teens have sleeping issues. Sleep problems are even more prevalent in children with medical, developmental and mental health concerns. A lack of quality sleep could impair a child’s ability to concentrate, inhibit the immunity, and in some cases cause long-term lung, hormonal, and heart problems.


Dr. Habib Abdullah

Paediatric Clinical Psychologist - Al Jalila Children

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Joel S

Pulmonary Function Technologist at Al Jalila Children's

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Dr. Aji George Mathew

Paediatric Pulmonology Specialist, Al Jalila Children

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Dr. Rizwana Popatia

Consultant Paediatric Pulmonologist, Al Jalila Children

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