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Is the Dean’s Letter (Medical Student Performance Evaluation or MSPE) mandatory? What is it?

Yes, it is mandatory and cannot be replaced by another document. The Dean’s Letter or MSPE is an assessment of a student’s academic and clinical performance and professional attributes while in medical school. It is Not a Letter of Recommendation. It may include your academic performance within your class cohort.

How can I check status of receipt of my letters of recommendation?

Applicant can refer back to their recommender to know, as AJCH-PRP acknowledge receipt of letters of recommendation.

How many letters of recommendation (LORs) are required? Should they all be recent? Can they be sent through respective administration of the institute?

You must submit a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation from officials of your choice. (e.g. doctors, professors, heads of department, etc..). If you have worked with a paediatrician please ask them for a LOR. The letters must be sent directly by the recommender. Administration offices (e.g. hospital, university, college, etc..) can also send on behalf of your recommenders. We will not accept LORs submitted by the applicant or sent by recommender’s personal emails.

Is there a deadline for submitting letters of recommendation?

Yes. The deadline is within online application period only. Please note that Letters of Recommendation are mandatory for final review of your application.

Can my letters of recommendation be rejected?

Yes. Applicant’s Letters of Recommendations will be rejected if they do not fulfil the following 3-point requirement:

  • Recommendation letters must be sent directly to AJCH-PRP will ONLY accept clear scanned letters in PDF format that are emailed by the recommender from their institution’s official email address.
  • All letters must be printed on the recommender’s institution letterhead, and bear the original institution stamp, in addition to the signature of the recommender.
  • The e-mail subject to include the applicant’s full name (i.e. Surname and first ONLY), date of birth, and recommender name (i.e. Surname and first ONLY).

How should I write my Personal Statement? What should I include?

There is no required (or preferred) format nor wording for a personal statement. Please limit your word-count to no more than 800 words. A Google search can provide tips on how to write your statement.

Will you require my documents to be certified and attested?

Yes. Attestation and credentials verification will be part of your recruitment process once accepted to AJCH-PRP. The attestation process depends upon whether you completed your undergraduate degree within the U.A.E. or outside the U.A.E.. Several parties may be involved in the process (i.e. such as but not limited to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E. Embassy in host country, Ministry of Education in the U.A.E., etc…). You will be requested to initiate the process once notified of acceptance to AJCH-PRP.

I have extra documents that I think strengthen my application, where can I submit them?

Please do not send extra documents unless notified otherwise. Please ensure that this information is reflected in your current CV or summarized in your personal statement.

How can I know if my application is complete?

Please refer to the downloadable Document Checklist to know whether you have fulfilled your application requirements on

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