Programme overview:

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Clinical Rotations at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital are designed to provide a comprehensive and broad-based clinical experience in psychiatric diagnosis and management of children and adolescents presenting with mental health issues. The rotation experience and clinical supervision focus on developing skills in diagnostic interviewing, case formulation, treatment planning and both psychotherapeutic and pharmacological management. The rotation is run over two years period. Over the two year period, fellows will be required to complete a research activity and participate in teaching opportunities both internally and externally.

First Year of Fellowship Programme:

The first training year encompasses basic and foundational training with a focus on the role of acquiring knowledge and specific professional skills in the general field of child and adolescent psychiatry. Fellows learn specific interviewing techniques and the implementation of the biopsychosocial model in the process of case formulation. Best practice methodology in creation of care plans specifically tailored for the child and family needs is also covered in detail. The first part of the rotation includes exposure to paediatric experiences relevant to child and adolescent psychiatry. This is followed by comprehensive training in the child and adolescent psychiatry Outpatient Programme and the Consultation Liaison service. During this training year, fellows are required to start their involvement in a research project.

Second Year of Fellowship Programme:

The second year of training focuses on the clinical assessment and management of children, adolescents, presenting primarily to the inpatient programme and subspecialty clinics. Fellows are required and encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of the range of cases that require inpatient admission and complex care. Additionally, fellows are supported in pursuing a variety of elective options of their choice and in placements that can be planned in advance. Furthermore, attention is given to developing managerial and leadership skills. Within this year, fellows are expected to conclude their research project. 

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