Destination Al Jalila

At Al Jalila Children’s, we believe it is essential to build relationships with education entities in the broader community, as both schools and hospitals are hubs of growth and wellness for children.

We believe that partnering with schools strengthens the quality of care we provide for our patients, while also caring for the community around us. Our diverse and highly-trained healthcare professional teams are dedicated to raise awareness around chronic health conditions, wellness, careers, medical services, and related child health topics.

Destination Al Jalila offers opportunities for school engagement around these topics via field trip programs, guest speakers, career shadowing, and other creative initiatives. These programmes are catered to support educational experiences and promote the personal growth of students, parents, and teachers. Schools are encouraged to avail the expertise and resources we provide through these programmes.

Guest Speaker Programmes

Student Art Exchange

Social Responsibility Projects

Inquiry-Based Field Trip Programmes

Career Observership Programme

Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital

Al Jaddaf - Dubai United Arab Emirates

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