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The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet plan is effective for some epileptic patients who do not response to the pharmaceutical therapy. A ketogenic diet contains specific amounts of fat, protein and starches. The amount of fat in ketogenic diet is three or four times that of protein and starches together. Significant amounts of fat lead to producing ketones that play an effective role in changing the neurological and chemical activities of the body, and so help in the treatment of many diseases such as epilepsy.

Ketones can reduce or prevent epileptic seizures. Once the patient becomes responsive to the ketogenic diet plan, they can rely on it for two years and following they might be able to discontinue their medication.

The nutrition team employs individualized programs and applies scientific practices, under medical supervision, to determine the accurate amounts of calories, vitamins and minerals a patient child needs.

The Department carries out regular follow-ups of patients and conducts intensive courses for families on methods of preparing diet meals. Relevant instructional materials are provided to the families.

The purpose: alleviating and finding a final solution for the suffering of children and families and enabling children to have a normal life, practice normal activities and achieve educational progress along with their peers.

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