Physiotherapy is used to treat all sorts of conditions and problems associated with bones, muscles, the heart, lungs and circulation. It is a physical treatment that aims to make your joints more supple and flexible and your muscles stronger. Physiotherapists are experts of movement analysis. They treat young people with conditions that affect their muscles or skeleton, or people with conditions that affect the brain or nervous system.

Physiotherapy helps people of all ages. Different techniques are used by physiotherapists, including:

  • Stretching and exercises – help increase movement of stiff joints. There are gentle exercises for the entire body, such as swimming, or exercises focused on a specific body part.
  • Massage – helps increase the flow of blood and fluids around your body.
  • Manipulation – movement of joints and bones to help with pain and stiffness.
  • Hydrotherapy – special exercises in water.

Sometimes therapists use specialist equipment, such as hydrotherapy pools, physiotherapy gyms and other hi-tech equipment.

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