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The Pharmacy Department at Al Jalila Children’s serves both in-patients and out patients. The department uses automated technologies in medication procurement, storage, dispensing, and utilization across the hospital. Some of the technologies include carousel, robotic dispensing, and automated dispensing cabinets. At Al Jalila Children’s, patient safety is a top priority and these technologies, along with on-line physician order verification, greatly improve our ability to provide safe and effective medication management. Staffed by clinical pharmacists trained in paediatrics, the pharmacy serves the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see them rounding with physicians daily providing valuable input.

One of the benefits of a smart pharmacy is that doctors only need to key in prescriptions in a computer system that are then dispensed automatically from pharmacy. This improves safety and reduces the time required for a patient to receive any medication after having been discharged or while in admission.     

The pharmacy’s clinical team and smart pharmacy service assist the medical and professional staff throughout the institution, including haematology, adolescent medicine, critical care and transplantation. Clinical pharmacy staff work to ensure positive clinical outcomes of all drug therapies.


The Al Jalila Children’s Meds to Beds is a programme where a clinical pharmacist comes to the unit with your child’s discharge prescription medication and discusses with you and your child. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • The reason your child has been prescribed each medication, explaining side effects and what to do if you see a side effect.
  • Refills – how many refills are available for each medication.
  • When to call the physician or pharmacist.

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