Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital’s Organ Transplant Center 

Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital’s Organ Transplant Center is the first of its kind comprehensive pediatric center in the UAE. The center, with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of experts, will provide the full spectrum of care to children suffering from organ failure including disease management, transplantation evaluation, organ transplant and post transplantation care. 

Children with acute and/or chronic kidney, liver, heart, and bone marrow diseases will receive quality care from pediatric experts in a child friendly environment at the center. They will be evaluated for the candidacy of organ transplant by a panel of experts and receive genetic evaluation to better understand their conditions.  

 As a first phase, the center will roll out its kidney transplant program with a comprehensive renal disease management including the treatment of kidney failure through transplantation and dedicated post-transplantation care to preserve these organs for life. We will offer surgical procedures to address complex disorders that present difficult transplant challenges such as vascular thrombosis for kidney transplantation.   

Children undergoing transplantation will be offered steroid-free Immunosuppression, to provide better growth and minimize complications from the chronic use of corticosteroids as immunosuppression agent.  

In Addition to clinical care the center will also focus on innovation, research and long-term outcome and community development.  

Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital

Al Jaddaf - Dubai United Arab Emirates

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