Nutrition Department

The Nutrition Department in Al Jalila Children’s is dedicated to providing nutrition assessment and counselling for pediatric patients of all ages, both inpatient and outpatient.
The Nutrition Department conducts comprehensive nutrition assessment using different state-of-the-art tools and assessment forms to provide a personalized nutrition diagnosis.

Internal and External Activities
The Nutrition Department provides both therapeutic and preventive care. It conducts activities for all world nutrition occasions (World Diabetes Day, World Heart Day, World Food Day, World Autism Awareness Day, World Kidney Day, World Day for Physical Activity, etc.). These activities are conducted in a fun and entertaining ambience with the aim of achieving preventive health and avoiding many non-infectious diseases.

Inpatients and Caregivers
All inpatients are provided with a variety of nutritionally balanced meals prepared according to each patient’s needs and medical case and approved by the dietitian. The Nutrition Department has a team qualified to provide nutrition education and counselling for all age groups- neonates, infants, toddlers, school aged children and adolescents.  We also take part in a multidisciplinary team to provide the best nutrition care to promote adequate growth and development of our patients for a happy, healthy childhood.

Each patient and caregiver are provided with a menu including various types of foods from different cultures to select the foods of their choices. Then, food orders are sent to the Nutrition Department where the dietician reviews and sorts them in order to be forwarded to cooks who are specialized in preparing therapeutic foods for children. The meals (main courses and light meals) are prepared under the supervision of the dietician, placed in modern food containers with controlled temperatures and sent to the wards together with the nutritional information of each patient and caregiver. This process is carried out in accordance with the international standards.

Along with the therapeutical intervention, the Nutrition Department provides education and training to patients about food preparation and choices. The patients receive appropriate educational material including our contact details in order to answer their inquiries.

Nutrition education is provided by means of food models, posters and handouts. The Department also prescribes nutrition supplements and specialized formulas for patients requiring them. An individual plan is set up and regular follow-ups are conducted to ensure proper flow of the implemented plan.

Learning Kitchen
The purpose of establishing the learning kitchen is to provide a simpler and clearer method to educate adult patients and families about applying all recommended instructions and quantities accurately at home. It aims at promoting a healthy balanced food culture.

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