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Headache Service

Management of headaches in children can be a complex process that involves making an accurate diagnosis, helping both the family and child understand the condition, support for both home and school, help and support from the local psychology team, and looking for any triggers. The Headache Service at Al Jalila Children’s is multidisciplinary and caters to children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 16. A visit includes a detailed headache history and full neurological examination with our Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, a pain assessment carried out by our Clinical Psychologist, and a meeting with our Neurology Clinical Nurse Specialist. 

A number of factors can cause your child to develop headache. Factors include:

  •        Emotional stressors and anxiety
  •        Certain foods and beverages 
  •        Genetic predisposition-migraines 
  •        Head trauma
  •        Illness and infection 


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