Paediatric ENT

The Ear Clinic at Al Jalila Children’s is a full-fledged state-of-the-art paediatric ENT clinic that offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of all ailments related to ear, nose, and throat, with a focus on some of the most common paediatric issues such as hearing loss, ear infections, and ear deformities. The Ear Clinic enjoys the uniqueness of being part of a full-fledged world-class paediatric hospital, which means that when needed, every child will be assessed by a multidisciplinary and highly experienced paediatric consulting team that offers a 360-degree evaluation and treatment under one roof, resulting ultimately in a definitive and clear medical solution. The clinic differentiates itself with its child-friendly approach through specially created techniques and state-of-the art-equipment, coupled with a world-class medical team that is highly experienced in treating children and adolescents.

Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital

Al Jaddaf - Dubai United Arab Emirates

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