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Diabetic Diet

Along with the endocrinologist, our role is not only to provide a diet plan but also to help the patient and caregivers create an innovative diet plan based upon accurate calculations taking into account both medical and nutritional treatments; thus enabling the patient to control the blood sugar level.

The nutrition care plan passes by many steps, including:

  • Educate about diabetes and the lifestyle for each individual case
  • Educate about hypo-and hyperglycemia along with management of the stated symptoms
  • Educate about the nutritional needs during physical activity
  • Control of food during occasions and feasts
  • What should be done if a diabetic person gets sick
  • The adequate carbohydrate count in every meal
  • Food label reading
  • Healthy shopping
  • Distributing nutritional awareness leaflets and diet plans
  • Regular follow-up

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