Cleft in the lip and alveolus (jaw)

Lip- nose repair

Lip surgery is performed as early as four to six months. Sometimes, secondary corrections may be needed. Decisions about secondary corrections are made at one of the regular follow-ups that take place up to adulthood. It can be performed at three years or later.

Bone grafting to the alveolus

At around seven to nine years, bone grafting is performed from the tibia to the cleft, in the alveolus. At this age, the lateral incisor or the canine erupts into the position in the cleft region. If the bone is missing, the tooth cannot erupt properly. After bone grafting to the cleft is done, the tooth can grow and erupt into the grafted bone and be brought into position by orthodontic means.

Further correction can be done during later teens

Patients are followed up regularly up to adulthood, and if secondary corrections are needed, patients are informed and can participate in the decision about suitable surgical procedures.

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