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Circumcision Service

Circumcision is a routine procedure for majority of the male children born in UAE. The procedure can be performed soon after birth and at any age thereafter. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia, however in a child older than few months, it has to be done under general anaesthesia. Al Jalila Children’s is the only children’s hospital in the UAE. Like any other service in the hospital, the circumcision service is provided with the highest standards, keeping the safety of children and the satisfaction of parents our priority.

At Al Jalila Children’s, we allow parents to stand by the side of their child. This provides reassurance to parents and relieves separation anxiety in children. We ensure that unnecessary blood tests are not carried out for a simple and straightforward procedure of circumcision.

We have also ensured that the procedure is done under local anaesthesia to the maximum age safely possible. Each child is given individual care. A circumcision procedure is preceded by a detailed consultation with our consultant surgeon. We also ensure that for parents it is just one visit to the hospital to avoid inconvenience of repeated visits for a small procedure.

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