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Behavior Disorder Program

This program is an intervention for children and teens with challenging behaviors. It teaches parents skills in child behavior management and it improves overall their relationships with their children.

By following this program, parents learn how to:

  • Understand the causes of noncompliant behavior
  • Reestablish their authority while building trust
  • Use positive attention and praise.
  • Use clear instructions
  • Use rewards and incentives that work
  • Communicate and problem solve effectively
  • Restore positive feelings in the relationship
  • Build better parent-child relationship
  • Use rewards and incentives effectively
  • Stay calm and consistent - even on the worst of days
  • Establish a time-out system that works
  • Target behavioral issues at home, in school, and in public places
  • Improve cooperation with parental requests, directives, and rules
  • Increase family harmony


  • Using a clinical protocol to train parents in managing their children/teen’s defiant/ disruptive behaviors. 
  • Coaching parents to support them with strategies involving child behavior manangement, problem - solving and communication skills necessary for defusing parent – child conflicts, and improving family relationships.

Who can Benefit from this Program

Children and Teens:
  • Aged 2 to 18
  • Refuse or defy adults’ requests
  • Lose temper easily
  • Whine / complain easily
  • Scream/throw tantrums
  • Fail to complete chores
  • Argue
  • Physically fight

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