Aquatic Physiotherapy: 

Aquatic Physiotherapy is physiotherapy in a temperature-controlled ‎hydrotherapy pool, carried out by an aquatic-trained physiotherapist. The therapy can benefit many children with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, cardiovascular and neurological conditions as well as children recovering from major surgeries or traumatic injuries. 

The therapy ‎treatment incorporates individual assessment, diagnosis and the use of clinical reasoning skills to ‎formulate a custom-tailored treatment program appropriate to each patient. Aquatic Physiotherapy management is integrated with land-based physiotherapy management. ‎ 

Receiving physiotherapy in water has been advantages as it helps to lessen the load on the joints and can be used to improve joint range of movement, joint stability, and muscle strength in a warm environment. Aquatic therapy can also be effective in improving general mobility, balance and core stability, respiratory and cardiac function as well as fitness level. 

Session Information:  

Aquatic Physiotherapy sessions will only be available Mondays and Wednesdays  

There are male and female changing rooms with shower facilities and lockers in the pool area. 

Please note that the hydrotherapy pool is heated to a constant temperature of between 34 and 35 degrees. Access to the pool is either by a set of stairs with a handrail, or by electric hoist if a patient is unable to use the stairs. 

A pool side assistant will be there throughout the therapy session. They will assist the physiotherapist in the pool when required and during any medical emergency.  

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